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Sea-themed gifts, nautical fashion, and quotes about the sea

Ahoy, seadogs, and all the other big and small sea fans!
Let’s make one thing clear first, who exactly is a seadog?

It is not a golden retriever who loves swimming in the Baltic Sea but an experienced and brave sailor who has spent years and years on waves. You know exactly what comes to mind: a tanned face and a sun-bleached hairstyle, a blue-and-white striped shirt and a sailor’s hat, and a pipe tossing in the mouth. That’s one proper seadog! 

In Estonian, however, this kind of sailor is called a seabear.

Living in coastal areas and the history of sea fashion

After all, Estonia has always been a coastal nation. Our ancestors once inhabited the land by the sea and were grateful for the food they received from the waves. Somehow, however, it has remained the case that the sea is still in the heart of almost every Estonian. And not only Estonians, but the popularity of sea-themed gifts is also spreading worldwide, and all kinds of significant sea-themed events are being organized more and more.

In fact, the sea is deep and a very mysterious place. We don’t even know what (and who!) lies on the seabed and how exactly life goes in the depths. But, maybe because of their mystery, the seas and oceans are so exciting and captivating.

In addition to gifts and events, the sea has also left its mark on fashion houses – this same blue-and-white-striped seadog’s shirt has been a fashion inspiration. As with many modern trends, the maritime style has a military impact.

The first love for sea fashion can be traced back to the time of Queen Victoria in England in the middle of the 19th century. During this era, the British Empire expanded its power worldwide. The British Royal Navy played a crucial role in strengthening the empire and striving for world power.

The navy became a symbol of national power, and with it, naval uniforms were a sign of courage and loyalty. That is why it is a well-known fact that seadogs are especially brave.

His love for nautical fashion was set in motion by Queen Victoria herself when she had a miniature sailor suit made for her son Albert in 1846.

It did not take long for all the significant figures to wear beautiful sea-themed clothing, and the maritime fashion quickly became a sign of prosperity and status.

Of course, the English were not the only ones who contributed to the birth of nautical fashion. In fact, the blue-and-white-striped sailor’s shirt is from France.

La marinère, initially worn by Brittany fishermen, was officially introduced in 1858 as part of the French naval uniform. However, according to tradition, the 21 stripes on the shirt were meant to celebrate Bonaparte’s victories.

However, in Today’s fashion, the sea theme was brought by Coco Chanel, who added a blue-and-white striped pattern to her collection after a holiday on the French coast. However, it was a somewhat risky move at the time because the sea style was only associated with men’s clothing!

Sea-themed gifts

Need a gift for a real seadog? Out of ideas, as you’re not going to get him a new boat?

No worries! We have sea-themed gifts for old captains, hardworking fishermen, small sailors, and just marine enthusiasts – you’ll find something extraordinary for everyone.

One proper captain needs an appropriate coffee mug

One must listen to the captain’s words and do as he says. Captain’s word is the law!

Every captain enjoys drinking their morning coffee from this mug; even if that day is not spent on the sea, it is still good to know at home whose word counts.

Sea-themed gifts - captains coffee mug

A sailor is not a real sailor without blue and white socks

Sea-themed gifts - sailors socks

It happens at sea that your feet get wet when a wave suddenly climbs over the ship’s edge. So every sailor always needs to have a dry pair of socks with him.

These blue and white striped socks are especially suitable, making the sailor’s day. If you know a sailor who spends his days on the sea, these socks are a perfect way to surprise him.

A fisherman would surely be delighted if you treat him to a proper fishing lure

A fisherman always needs a great lure, and no fisherman wouldn’t be happy about a new beautiful fishing lure.

This attractive blue lure is suitable for catching a large trophy pike. A great way to surprise your fisherman!

Sea-themed gifts - fishermans lure

The eyes of a small rising sailor will shine when you get them this lovely hoodie

Sea-themed gifts - hoodie

We all know that sometimes the sea wind is pretty cold, even during summer. So every little sailor’s closet should have one decent warm hoodie, and what would fit better than a sweater with a picture of a sailboat.

Wearing this hoodie, the small sailor can’t get cold at sea and can sail safely, even with a hood on their head!

The small sea enthusiast’s collection is missing this soft fish pillow

You don’t get to go to the sea every day, of course, but when you crawl into bed in the evening, you can still cuddle with this cute fish pillow.

Gorgeous sea-themed pillows are also suitable for decorating a sailor’s home and reminding them of days at sea. If the pillow with a picture of a roach is not exactly your favorite, you can find a large selection of pillows with other sea animals HERE!

Kalapadi Särg
Sea-themed gifts - boat models

Sayings and beliefs about the sea

Now that a gift for every sea fan has been found, something must be found for the soul. So we have searched for the most famous sayings about the sea and the shared beliefs of sailors as well! 

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

This famous quote from American President Roosevelt suggests that not much skill is needed if everything goes well and according to plan. But, conversely, when things happen that put our skills to the test, it makes us work harder and achieve more.

“I know of a cure for everything: saltwater… in one way or the other. Sweat, or tears, or the salt sea.”
Karen Blixen

Blixen’s quote suggests that every problem can be solved through saltwater. Sweat through hard work, tears from crying, and the sea, the understanding of which remains for the reader to decide. The sea can be a place to meditate or to escape.

As sailors often have to go to sea even in dangerous weather conditions, they have established their own beliefs and practices, which must be followed on board. The best known of these are:

  1. Boarding the ship with the right foot brings luck and safety.
  2. The ship’s name shall not be changed; it brings misfortune and evil. Seafarers often avoid ships that have been renamed.
  3. The real sailor is a friend of seagulls and other seabirds because the belief is that a dead sailor’s soul will return as a seabird!
  4. Do not whistle on the ship. The whistling will rush up the wind and trigger a storm.
  5. A coin or two is thrown into the sea before leaving port. It is considered a small gift to Neptune (the sea god) for a safe journey.

Now that the quotes and rules are clear, climb on board!