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Terms of sale

General Terms and Conditions

1.1 The Museum Card online store is engaged in the sale of Museum Card gift cards.

1.2 When purchasing from the Museum Card online store, the terms of this agreement, the price list of products in the online store, and the rights and obligations arising from the laws of the Republic of Estonia apply.

The order conditions and the current price list of online store products can be found on the Museum Card online store website.

Ordering Procedure

2.1 The customer selects the desired products and specifies the quantity, payment method, and delivery method for the products. Before finalizing the order, the customer can review and modify it. The customer then confirms the order by pressing the “Back to Merchant” button after payment. Otherwise, the order will not be activated. After confirming the payment, a confirmation email is sent to the customer’s email address. Orders can be placed in Estonian or English.

Product Delivery

3.1 Delivery Method

3.1.2 The Museum Card online store, operated by Sokisahtel OÜ (registry number 11894845), delivers the ordered products to the customer.

3.2 Delivery methods:

3.2.1 Omniva/Itella/DPD parcel machine

3.1.2 Pick up in person

Collecting the package from the Maritime Museum’s Fat Margaret Museum Shop and Sokisahtel stores is free of charge. The ordered products reach the customer’s selected museum shop on the next business day if the order is placed on a business day before 14:00. Orders placed after 14:00 will reach the desired shop on the second business day. The customer receives a notification to the email address regarding the order’s arrival at the shop. The customer can pick up the order within 14 calendar days with a valid identification document. If the customer has not picked up the order within 14 calendar days, the Museum Card online store contacts the customer to confirm the package’s receipt. If there is no contact or agreement is not reached, the order is canceled, and the amount paid is refunded to the customer’s bank account, except for reproductions and their special orders.

3.1.3 International shipping

It is possible to order products from the Museum Card online store to countries outside the Republic of Estonia. For international orders, choose the appropriate destination country from the list. If the desired country is not in the list of sendable countries, please contact . Depending on the country, the delivery time is 7–30 business days.

3.2 The product must reach the customer intact and in sealed packaging. If a product is damaged during transport, notify the Museum Card online store immediately at .

Order Cancellation

4.1 The customer has the right to cancel the order within 14 calendar days from the day of receiving the product.

4.2 To cancel the order, the customer must submit a written withdrawal statement to . The withdrawal statement must include the order number, the customer’s first and last name, the customer’s bank account number, and the name of the account holder.

4.3 If the customer cancels the order, they must promptly return the unused and unactivated Museum Card gift card within 14 calendar days of sending the withdrawal statement. The customer can return the products by mail to the following address: Sokisahtel OÜ, Pärnu mnt 146, Tallinn, 11413.

4.4 The Museum Card online store refunds the customer the amount paid for the returned products and the delivery fee, up to the amount paid by the customer, but not more than 2.49 + VAT. If the customer returns only part of the products, the delivery fee will not be refunded. The Museum Card online store refunds the money within 3–14 calendar days after the returned product reaches the online store.

4.5 If the ordered product has been activated, used, or damaged, the Museum Card online store does not refund the money.

4.6 If the order has suffered damage during shipping, please contact the Museum Card online store at .

Filing a Complaint

5.1 The customer has the right to file complaints about the product within the time frame specified by the laws of the Republic of Estonia by emailing .

Customer Responsibilities

6.1 To successfully process the order, the customer must enter the correct and necessary information into the order form: first and last name, contact phone number, email address, and, if necessary, delivery address.

6.2 If the information provided by the customer is inaccurate or incomplete, the Museum Card online store cannot fulfill the product order. The Museum Card online store contacts the customer regarding the order.

6.3 By placing an order, the customer agrees to the terms of use set by the Museum Card online store.